Beautiful Intentions: Healing One Soul at a Time

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan 29, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Author Michele Schrader invites readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing in her latest book, “Beautiful Intentions: Healing One Soul at a Time” (IBSN: 978-0228883913, Dec. 2023). This profound work delves into the depths of the human soul, offering insights and practical tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

In “Beautiful Intentions,” Michele Schrader addresses fundamental questions that resonate with us all: “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” Drawing from her own spiritual experiences and the wisdom gained from her career as a nurse in palliative care, Schrader shares a concrete plan for healing deep fears and emotional trauma.

The book encourages readers to view daily life challenges from an alternative perspective, emphasizing the role of intention in the healing process. Schrader’s guidance and tools pave the way to a path of peace, joy, and self-discovery.

One of the book’s core messages centers around the power of self-love and forgiveness, which unlock the portal to our true Higher Soul Self. By elevating personal energy and embracing these concepts, readers can attract positive people and experiences into their lives.

Michele Schrader’s journey of revelation also extends to the exploration of the soul’s transition into the afterlife. Drawing from her own spiritual experiences and communications with the Heavenly realm, she provides comfort and clarity on this profound and often mysterious topic.

“Beautiful Intentions” is a testament to Schrader’s lifelong connection to a Higher Power and her dedication to helping others find their path to spiritual clarity. Her personal and professional experiences have converged to create this Divinely inspired book, offering readers a profound and uplifting perspective on life’s challenges and the power of intention.

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Released: December 1, 2023

IBSN: 9780228883913

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