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How to submit news to Florida Newswire™

Florida Newswire is part of the Neotrope® News Network, based in California, USA, with contributing editors nationwide.

We are NOT a free news posting site or free wire service.

We accept news announcements of general interest from Florida city, and state government offices; as well as Florida-based 501(c) charitable non-profit organizations which contribute to their communities (not trade groups o lotteries).

ALL OTHER NEWS: We also accept commercial news announcements from individuals, companies/businesses and websites, when submitted via our exclusive news partner, Send2Press® Newswire.

State Government Agencies and Non-Profits:
If you are part of the press office for a state department, services office, etc., you may submit news announcements free of charge, provided they are sent from an official state government e-mail account, in MS Word format (not PDF). We will also accept news from 501(c)3 charitable non-profits. Submit news as MS Word file with “Attention Florida Newswire” in the subject line to flabulous [*at*] (remove spaces and type into your email application).

Commercial News (Events, Companies, etc.):
For Florida news, or events, you may submit a news announcement for $99 (add $20 for photo). To order this option, click here.

Acceptable Content
All news must be actual news; not faux articles, advertorial, or slanderous/libelous in any way. We do NOT accept legal announcements, affiliate marketing, SEO/SEM companies, make money at home, mortgage refinance/loan modification, or similar so-called news. All news would be submitted in MS Word (or .rtf) format only, and should be comparable to A.P. (Associated Press) style or industry standards (i.e., headline, dateline, body, media contact). We do not accept anonymous news, or fake news. All material is subject to editorial approval from our accredited staff.


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