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For questions about our site, please contact us at flabulous [*at*] (remove spaces and type into your email application). Before you contact us, please see all of the below as to what we will or will not respond to. All “spam” will be reported.

However: please note the links found at very top of the page (black navigation bar) for information regarding RSS feeds, how to submit news if you are a Florida nonprofit or city/state government organization, and our terms of use for content found on this site.

We do not currently accept phone calls related to this site.

We do NOT accept link exchanges or sell keyword links on pages/posts.

We have no interest in “guest posts” promoting paid content (fake articles about a writer’s clients). We have no interest in paid “promoted posts.” We are not a blog.

We are very interested in hearing from writers who wish to provide regular columns on topics related to Florida events, lifestyle, social issues, and the like. Note: We have no interest in advertorial or self-promotional article content.

How to Comment On a Story:
FEEDBACK: to comment on any story less than one year old on our site, please scroll to the bottom of any article found on, and simply type in your thoughts or opinion regarding the content of that story. Spam, attacks, or abuse will be deleted — all comments are moderated by our staff and do not appear automatically!

Please be aware many stories on this site are based on press release content and you should contact the organization(s) mentioned in the story for more information, or factual clarification, and NOT this site. We cannot provide you with any additional information about a company, or person, mentioned in any story.

How to Submit News Announcements:
Please see the link at top of each page (navigation bar) for information on submitting news to Florida Newswire. We are not a free news service; however, Florida city and state government offices, and 501(c)3 charitable non-profits incorporated in Florida may send us properly formatted MS Word files of relevant news to Florida audiences.

To contact us by postal mail, please use our
permanent business mailing address (since 1983) at:

Neotrope News Network
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DO NOT send advertising, credit card offers, or press releases to the above address; they will be trashed/recycled.

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