DELRAY BEACH, Fla. /FLORIDA NEWSWIRE/ — Bellvue Rush announced today that the options that have only been available to the highest earners must now be made accessible to everyone. The plan is to do so through access to information, as that has only been available to those with the best accountants to date.

When people plan for retirement, most tend to go the standard route of the qualified plan, typically the 401(k). But no savvy investor would consider that the best course of action, as these plans carry the financial risk of the markets in case of collapse, while taxes will be paid on the full plan, including any growth. Furthermore, a qualified plan is full of restrictions, as the funds that can be placed into the plan are limited, the money cannot be touched for a certain period of time without penalty, and at some point, a minimum amount of the funds must be withdrawn.

Nick Fortune - Partner at Bellvue Rush
Nick Fortune – Partner at Bellvue Rush

But there is a better way, and Bellvue Rush wants to ensure that people are aware when planning their financial future. An IGIC (an investment-grade insurance contract) is considered a tax-free event and offers considerable advantages. As a life insurance contract, it enjoys a contractually guaranteed rate of return, therefore enjoying a real advantage over a 401(k), as it will not collapse if the market does. Moreover, an IGIC has significantly fewer restrictions. Perhaps most importantly, when funds are placed into the account, the taxes are taken first, and then the premiums paid, at which point taxes are by and large done.

The account holder is able to then use the funds to make investments, the gains of which are tax-free as they are part of the life insurance policy. Not only can the funds be used to invest without being subject to taxes, but the insurance policy continues to pay the rate of return on the account as if the funds were still in the account. The same money is now generating income from two sources. The IGIC has an additional advantage in that it can make every investment that a 401(k) is able to, as well as some investments that go beyond the scope of a qualified plan.

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Bellvue Rush was founded on the principle that people who work hard and do all the right things should have access to the same investment strategies and vehicles as the ultra-wealthy. While many specific investments can do well, without a plan in place the potential is limited. Rather than point investors in one direction or another, Bellevue Rush takes a holistic view of investment, using programs based on foundational tax law in conjunction with federal statutory codes to put investors in the best possible position.

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