ORANGE, Calif. — Virtue(R) has become one of the most intriguing fragrance concepts to emerge in many years. Neither a celebrity fragrance nor a twist of something else, Virtue(R) stands alone as a one-of-a-kind perfume. Whether you seek its transformative qualities as your signature perfume or a devotional aid, mimicking the Holy Incense, it offers a truly original sensory experience. IBI officially launched Virtue(R), April 3, 2007.

Thirty minutes after application, Virtue(R), comprised of frankincense, myrrh, cassia, spices, exotic woods and fruit notes, renders a unique version on the wearer, sometimes having the major elements fall away leaving only a floral, with fruity top notes, when the formula is only 1 percent floral.

Virtue(R) has the ability to individualize distinctly on each person creating a fragrance signature — one-on-one — not always recognizable as Virtue(R). Put another way, Virtue(R) possesses the intuitive tendency to individualize its fragrance characteristics and become as special as the individual wearing it.

Virtue’s chameleon like quality complies with the scriptural admonition not to use the Holy Incense as a personal adornment, reserving it for worship. With Virtue’s ability to individualize so distinctly, it allows a person to wear it without a common expression of the scent, yet, being a familiar reference for God’s still formlessness on the individual wearing it. Created through prayer and spiritual guidance, this unintended attribute revealed itself during initial samplings.

“Virtue was originally developed for anyone seeking a more active relationship with their Creator, by using fragrance as a reminder to seek out spiritual connection more frequently, whether in meditation, devotional practice or at any given moment,” says Vicki Pratt, IBI President. “It continually amazes and inspires women all around the world, from all walks of life.”

Virtue(R) products include Virtue(R) perfume, body lotion, and NEW Sanctuary Mist, sold at .