LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Audiolife, an Artist Services platform designed for indie artists to sell music online and on-demand to fans, has announced a new feature via its virtual, portable storefront. Using their free account, artists will now have the option to use the Audiolife platform for all fulfillment and warehousing needs.

With the fulfillment model, artists can ship as little or as many of their existing products including CDs, merchandise, and posters to Audiolife’s warehouse to be stored for a small monthly fee. The artists can then continually ship their items with no extra re-stocking fees.

“Since our beta launch in January, thousands of artists are using the platform to create and sell merch on-demand to fans via their websites, social networks, and blogs,” remarked Brandon Hance, Founder and CEO of Audiolife. “But a great majority of those artists have existing merchandise from previous tours, shows, events, that they don’t want to waste because they have already spent thousands of dollars creating it. Fulfillment and warehousing was simply the next, natural step for us as we continue to build the most comprehensive direct to fan e-commerce platform on the market.”

Using their online portable storefront, artists can upload their already existing items to their virtual store to be sold directly to fans. Each time an item is purchased, Audiolife ships the item to the fan on behalf of the artist, eliminating the process of one-off shipping and the space required to house inventory.

Audiolife ( is an Artist Services platform founded in 2005 by USC graduates Brandon Hance, Aaron Wiener, and Nishit Rathod. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company is currently in public beta and continues their dedication to building the most comprehensive direct to fan e-commerce platform on the market.