WALLINGFORD, Conn. — Fractional Homes International (FHI) announced today that it now has Certified Fractional Real Estate Professionals in 11 states and 2 countries who are focusing on the fast-growing trend of fractional ownership of single-family vacation homes. Launched by leading fractional real estate consultant Sherman Potvin, FHI’s network of highly trained professionals specialize in the art of converting whole-ownership vacation homes into prime fractional vacation properties.

FHI is dedicated to the belief that fractional ownership is the smartest way to own a vacation home, allowing several owners (usually 4-8) to share the cost and use of a home. Selling a home in fractions has several benefits for the seller, especially in a slow economy: the lower cost per share creates a much larger pool of potential buyers; the total gross sales can be up to 1.5 times the Fair Market Value of the home; and owners can keep a share of the home they love if they so choose. Fractional ownership also has many benefits for buyers: they are only paying for the amount of time they would actually use the vacation property; they can afford a share of a nicer vacation home than they could if buying a whole home; and by sharing expenses, the owners can afford to hire a property manager to handle upkeep and maintenance, making their vacations truly hassle-free.

As fractional consultants, FHI’s Certified Fractional Professionals offer a turn-key solution to homeowners — taking care of each step from performing a feasibility analysis, to working with specialized attorneys to formulate the legal documents that govern the use and care of the home, to planning the sales and marketing strategy. Each FHI Certified Fractional Professional is bound by FHI’s strict Code of Ethics. They are trained to thoroughly analyze each project’s potential and only contract their services on projects that meet FHI’s Certified Property Criteria. Vacation home buyers and sellers can find their nearest Certified Professional by visiting

Having produced the most comprehensive training program in the fractional industry, Fractional Homes International prepares its members to serve as fractional real estate developers, consultants, and sales professionals. Its intensive 5-day Training Program is supported by a 400-page Training Manual developed by some of the best minds in the fractional real estate industry. Graduates of the FHI Training Program earn the designation of Certified Fractional Professional, which sets them apart from their peers and identifies them as the best-trained in the business.

Fractional Homes International was launched in November 2008. It made its formal debut to the industry as a Sponsor of the March 2009 Ragatz Associates Fractional Interest Conference. Its mission is to bring fractional ownership to mainstream acceptance among vacation home sellers and buyers worldwide through its network of Certified Fractional Professionals. The next FHI training session will be held in July 2009. FHI is the third fractional company founded by Sherman Potvin, joining Luxury Fractional Guide and Luxury Fractional Exchanges.

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