General Contractor Reveals Top Housing Trends

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Current Builders (, having built an array of multifamily housing projects throughout Florida, has found that seniors and millennials share common ground on many housing trends. The Pompano Beach-based general contractor recently topped out the student housing project, University Pointe in Downtown Davie and broke ground on Allegro’s Inspired Senior Living in Parkland.

University Pointe Downtown Davie
“There are definitely points of comparison between the two demographics,” said Michael Taylor, President of Current Builders. “Both generations share a desire for high-end finishes, great amenities, central locations and gatherings spaces that allow for real friendships to be formed.”

One of the biggest trends in senior housing is building developments within traditional family communities, which allows for closer relationships between all generations.

“At the ground-breaking for our current project for Allegro in Parkland, city officials and the developer both discussed the growing trend of keeping our seniors in the communities where they had lived or where their families reside,” continued Taylor. “That trend is leading to more and more developers seeking land to build in zones once defined as young family/school areas.”

Driving this trend is the sandwich generation, who requires easier access to aging parents while raising their school-age children. Since many couples are having children later in life, there is an increasing number of people coping with the stresses of aging parents while their children are still in grade school.

Seniors are also requesting residences in the heart of communities, not only to be close to families, but also to be close to the action. And like their millennial counterparts, who are also not fond of driving, the aging population is embracing the quick Uber ride to theatre and restaurants. Learning to master the app is far easier than waiting for senior living buses and makes independent living more independent.

“Another trend seniors and millennials share is the desire for high-end finishes and luxury living with an abundance of amenities on site,” said Taylor. “Both generations are just fine with smaller living quarters, as long as they have lots of options for relaxing, pampering and exercising on the campus.”

Developers know how selective their clientele can be about all these options, so Current Builders, utilizes their state-of-the-art 3-D computer modeling system, to show developers all the latest style and design options with the click of a button, reducing the decision process dramatically.

Another similar trend Current Builders is tracking is the desire for more intimate common spaces in communities.

“Years ago, it was about the massive dining rooms, a huge gym and big game rooms, but now we are building smaller-scale common rooms where residents can establish closer friendships. This trend is translating into the exercise and wellness areas as well, where residents are expecting more personal attention,” he said. “One developer, even revealed that senior living common areas need to offer smaller gathering rooms to accommodate the cliques, just like the younger generation.”

Another area where the generations connect is the co-living option. More developers are looking to create units with private bedrooms and shared kitchens.

“This trend is gaining traction for both seniors and millennials,” he said. “Loneliness and economic factors will be the driving force behind this type of living arrangement. The younger generation is quick to embrace it as an extension of their dorm life. They view it as a temporary situation before getting more settled. For seniors, however, it can be a tremendous adjustment if they do not know their roommates, so some will embrace it and other won’t.”

Tech also unites the generations. While the millennials may better understand the technology behind the growth in smart homes and will utilize it for the added conveniences, seniors will be relying on it in more substantial ways.

“We are going to be seeing more and more technological advances in buildings over the next few years,” said Taylor. “While these enhancements will help Millennials accomplish tasks more efficiently, they will be a huge asset to the aging population in terms of safety and extending the time they can live with less assistance.”

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PHOTO: University Pointe/Downtown Davie Student Housing.


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