ODESSA, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Estate Swing, products of which are found on, is releasing a revolution in gate opener accessories with the new Wireless Cellular GSM Telephone Intercom by Estate Swing. Like other telephone intercoms, the GSM Intercom will call a programmed number when the intercom button is pressed; unlike other telephone intercoms, the Estate Swing GSM Intercom is entirely wireless because it operates on a SIM card (the standard used by European companies and AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.).

Estate SwingMatt Raab, Vice President of Web Direct Brands, Inc., the umbrella company to Gate Crafters, says, “We’ve never seen anything like it in the United States, so we’re really excited to be able to offer it to our customers.” Because the intercom operates on a SIM card, it offers a number of benefits that are simply unavailable on other intercom systems.

The major advantage of this intercom is that the homeowner is able to operate it anywhere. For instance, the intercom has an unlimited range so long as there is cell service available in the area. This means that homeowners could potentially open the gate to their home in L.A. for someone like a delivery person, even while the homeowner is on vacation in Florida.

Notably, the functionality of this accessory can be described in one word: convenient. Its design seems to consider the homeowner’s need for versatility and convenient access anywhere. All of the programming can even be completed by text message – the homeowner doesn’t even have to be home to make changes to the gate’s operation. Some of the programming features include storage capacity for 1,000 numbers; password protected entry (the homeowner needs only text the password to the intercom); delayed opening/closing; party mode (during which the gate remains open until the homeowner texts the gate to close); text updates on gate operation (including power failure). The delayed opening/closing feature and party mode allow homeowners to truly customize the operation of their gate, and the text updates ensure that homeowners are always aware of how the gate opener is operating.

Anthony Gaeto, President and CEO of Web Direct Brands, says the company is offering a programming service for those homeowners who don’t wish to spend the time on it. Alternatively, those homeowners who choose to have a technician install the intercom will save money on programming, since it is simple to do; often, the bulk of the labor cost is spent on programming. And, of course, it is easy for homeowners to do it themselves.

Accordingly, this innovative Estate Swing accessory joins the wireless revolution of using mobile cellular devices as a handheld solution to everyday needs – pocket computer, alarm clock, phone, day planner, and, now, gate opener.

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