ORLANDO. Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Golf Green Media ( delivers the ideal environment to tell a company’s sustainability story; an outdoor and mostly “Green” environment: the golf course. Imagine being able to tell a company’s sustainability story to one of the most educated, affluent demographics available. Imagine targeting these “Green-Boomers” with a captive media placement. Imagine your “Green” message being presented to these premium consumers, while sharing four hours with them, one-to-one, in an outdoor environment of their choosing.

The Golf Green Media platform is one of few, that all but guarantees the consumer will see your creative. “Being able to reach these consumers, when they are most receptive, and when they have multiple hours to effortlessly engage with your brand, is why Golf Green Media is quickly becoming a key part of many leading advertisers’ marketing mix,” says Brad Pavek, President, Golf Green Media.

New trends that are stifling the growth of traditional media are opening the door to out-of-home (OOH) media. “Our growth and interest in our medium can be attributed to the fact that we deliver an increasingly valuable service to national advertisers; namely, we enable them to reach premium consumers when they are most receptive – when they have multiple hours to engage with a brand. Our expertise in this area grows in importance, as concerns about the effectiveness of traditional advertising, continue to rise,” Pavek said.

As compared to other premium-level media, Golf Green Media strategically showcases messages to an affluent demographic, at a fraction of the cost of other media. Golf Green Media allows its advertisers over four hours of continual impressions, as it capitalizes on an electric golf cart’s sensibilities, with polite ad panels, in close proximity to the people you want to engage.

According to Golf Green Media, its unique, one-of-a-kind solution can deliver over 60 million monthly impressions, via thousands of golf cart ad panels, located at hundreds of quality golf courses, across North America.

“When you take a brand, and seamlessly insert it into an environment where the consumer is naturally going to be in a positive state of emotion, the brand doesn’t have to do a lot of work,” Pavek said.

Ad placements are perceived as sponsorships. “Golfers associate the advertisements at the same level of other top-tier golf sponsors, thus enhancing the position of an advertisers company with something that they love,” Pavek said.

“Corporate America can bypass the traditional ad clutter, and deliver their ‘Green’ message to a captive audience of educated, affluent consumers when they are relaxed and at play, in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings offered; the golf course,” Pavek said.

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Golf Green Media is a division of Direct Hit Media, LLC, headquartered in Florida.