ORLANDO, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Today, Fla. Governor Rick Scott announced his proposal to cut $470 million in state cell phone and TV taxes that Florida families and businesses pay. An average family spending $100 a month on cell phone and cable services will save about $43 annually. The Governor’s proposed $470 million cell phone and TV tax cut in the 2015-16 “Keep Florida Working” Budget is part of the Governor’s commitment to cut over a billion dollars in taxes over the next two years.

Governor Rick ScottGovernor Rick Scott said, “With our cell phone and TV tax cut, every Florida family is saving real money- around $40 a year for spending as little as $100 a month between cell phone, cable and satellite bills. Our economy is improving and while it’s tempting for government to always think they can spend your money better than you – it’s your money!”

Florida’s cell phone and TV tax is a heavy burden on Florida families. Currently, Floridians pay a state cell phone and TV tax (CST) rate of 9.17 percent on nonresidential landlines, cell phone, and cable services, and a back-breaking 13.17 percent on satellite services.

The 2015-2016“KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget proposes to reduce the tax rate by 3.6 percent, saving virtually every household and every business a combined $470 million annually. The Governor will release his full 2015-2016 “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget recommendations in the coming weeks.