OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems, a division of JAF Industries, recently released an interactive tool that allows potential consumers to preview books and other products in a manner that appeals to all four learning styles: auditory; kinesthetic; visual and reading/writing.

Posed with the challenge of marketing his new book, “Falling Apart” (ISBN: 978-1605943954), author Ken Brown gathered together a team of learning experts to design a tool like no other – 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems – to help authors, publishers and companies to promote and market their books and other products.

“This very cool and revolutionary new marketing tool prompts the user to click on images, colors and messages. During this time, music and voice overs entertain the user and he or she must follow directions to get to the next level,” says Brown.

In the case of this launch design, each level provides book teasers and excerpts to draw the user deeper into the story, which eventually ends up leaving him or her wanting more.

For example, in the book preview for “Falling Apart,” the user begins in a contemporary living room setting where he or she must click on seven items before advancing to the next level. Each item, when clicked on, reveals part of the story.

“Each preview can be custom designed to meet the needs of the client,” says Brown. “So many companies and individuals can benefit and truly need this tool to introduce their books or other products.”

Brown explains that this interactive tool can be applied to just about any product that someone wants to promote.

About the Creators:

Ken Brown brings nearly 40 years of experience of customer service to life with his unique belief that a customer is more than just a number. And, while technology has changed, his philosophy has not. His ideas and innovations have brought him success in business with each successive endeavor he has undertaken. Never forgetting his abilities as an artist, in 2009 he co-authored the fiction book, “Falling Apart” and then launched 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

Ken’s wife, Tammy, is a teacher and co-author of “Falling Apart.” Wanting to find new ways to promote and encourage people to read, she used what she learned teaching, going to school, and writing to also help start 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

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