ATLANTA, Ga. — Depth Public Relations LLC, ( a full-service public relations and marketing provider for the financial services industry, now offers the services of public affairs veteran Brent Gilroy, a Washington, DC-based consultant for issues-related strategy, guidance and services. The collaboration serves community institutions, mortgage lenders, technology and services providers, and grassroots affordable housing initiatives that want to become better informed and more effective in promoting legislation and regulations affecting their business.

Gilroy, a 20-year veteran of the capital’s most prestigious public affairs firms, and also a former senior congressional staff member and journalist, will help businesses, associations and non-profit community-based organizations develop strategies, craft high-impact position papers, and prepare for meetings with key congressional, executive branch and state-level policy influencers.

“Financial services organizations of every size, and their technology services providers, can expect ongoing scrutiny and unprecedented regulation to have a dramatic impact on their enterprise, their customers, and their industry,” said DepthPR founder and principal Kerri S. Milam. “Since 2006, we have anticipated a rising public policy tide to alter the landscape for residential finance providers and the businesses serving them.”

“If you’re not at the table when laws and regulations are formulated, your ideas will be left on the table,” Gilroy said. “The groups and industries that are most successful in the public policy arena not only have professional lobbyists on their side but also put their rank and file members to work explaining to lawmakers and their staff the impact of polices at the ground level. Our leaders – at the national, state and local levels – want to hear the view of people who actually live under those laws and regulations every day.”

Titan Lenders Corp, which has partnered with DepthPR for public relations and web-based awareness strategies since launching in 2007, recently stated in its blog ( the need for financial services and mortgage lending related businesses to increase their outreach to and awareness of public policy influencers:

“1) Most members of the legislature and their staff do not understand the intricacies of our industry; 2) The ones that do understand are actively trying to make changes without necessarily thinking through all the ramifications of their actions; and 3) It is incumbent upon us (the experts in the mortgage industry) to speak up, reach out, and attempt to educate when and where we can.”

Since 2006, Depth Public Relations has delivered 100 percent senior level counsel, industry insight and tactical intelligence via precision messaging strategy, keyword analysis and deployment, use of industry-specific B2B networking through online communities and trade media outlets, content development and placement, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and other initiatives that strengthen brand reputation. Principal strategist and client service executive, Kerri Milam (, remains immersed in each client service engagement from planning based on business objectives to measurement based on agreed upon metrics.