MIAMI, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Every sneeze, big or small deserves a vehement “Gesundheit!” The word Gesundheit is German and is used to wish Good Health, especially after someone sneezes. A Good Health Company, Inc. is excited to introduce their new and first product “Gesundheit!” facial tissue, along with its slogan “The Good Health Experience.”

Gesundheit! Facial Tissue
Gesundheit is a very familiar word and is used by consumers of all ages and nationalities (Americans, Asians, Germans, etc.).

“A product’s name plays a key role in the products success and/or failure. The word has been around for many years and due to its international power and consumer awareness, products under the ‘Gesundheit!’ brand will have immediate success, domestic and abroad,” says Emory Williams, company President.

The name lends itself well for products of this type which include but is not limited to, facial tissue, napkins, paper towels and bathroom tissue.

“Our first product is for the children,” says Williams.

“‘Gesundheit!’ kids facial tissue is 80 percent pure virgin bamboo pulp, PBA free, 100 percent sustainable and biodegradable. Being that bamboo is the way of the future for paper products, all of the company’s future products will be 100 percent virgin bamboo pulp,” adds Williams.

“The packaging for the Gesundheit! kids facial tissue is beautifully designed and kids friendly — when the children see it, they know it’s for them,” Williams says.

Products are currently being marketed directly to schools, daycare and other facilities and outlets relating to children. Currently, the Gesundheit! facial tissue are available in Florida. Soon the products will be available up the east coast to New York.

To find out more about the Gesundheit! facial tissue product line and “The Good Health Experience” visit them online at or call 1-888-714-3577.