FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Gratitude Wellness, a health and fitness product manufacturing company, recently announced that it is raising funds via Kickstarter to help manufacture the goods and purchase the equipment necessary for the production of its patented "GRATITUDE Roller."


The company is set out to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to positively impact the fitness market. The initial backers are guaranteed the best discounts and to 50% off of. Also, the retail shops interested in being a part can order now with the buy back guarantee if the product remains unsold. We stand behind our product and its quality. Contact us and we will work out a sweet deal for select retailers and interested ambassadors that are willing to pioneer a new market.

"GRATITUDE Roller" is designed with a focus on portability, a ton of additional uses and military grade strength. You can use it as a personal massager, do numerous exercises on it and can be a blast when paired with a custom GRATITUDE Balance Board.

"If you are into fitness and train regularly I truly believe this product can add extreme value to your life," said Michael Weppner, CEO of the company and inventor of the product.

"It is a full body massager, balance board and a fitness product with numerous workouts we've designed to cater to it. It is the best board sports training device on the market and is sure to improve your overall balance. From a pregnant mom massaging her sore back, to a skateboarder trying to improve his skills off the ramp — anyone can use the GRATITUDE Roller."

Among the many uses of the Gratitude roller is being used as "Back and Body Roller." Simply roll the roller over your back, allow your spine to be extended and release all tension build up from extended periods of sitting and other stressors. You can also use the product by pairing it with a custom GRATITUDE balance board and used for board sports training. Place your board of choice on the custom GRATITUDE Roller for a balancing act like never before. You can inflate the roller to many different pressures to switch up the ride. There is no workout product that you will enjoy using more. Tighten the core and legs for an exhilarating workout that you will enjoy every time.

The GRATITUDE Roller is also a highly versatile fitness product and with numerous workouts designed and catering to it specifically.

The company is also going to work with health science professionals, trainers and top athletes to create an exercise program catered to the roller. This will be released on their YouTube channel.

It is designed to handle a weight of a 5000 lb. truck, which is demonstrated in their Kickstarter video. You can roll it up for easy travel in any gym bag or travel case. When you are ready to use it, easily pump it up to full pressure with our portable pump or any common bike pump.

It is designed to be your personal massage therapist. Provides muscle soreness relief where and when you need it. It is also perfect for self-myofascial release for all sports enthusiasts and thus would appeal to all crossfit, pilates, bodybuilding, rugby, boxing, running, weight training, yoga and sports enthusiasts. It is also great post-workout to speed up recovery to improve your overall performance. Also ideal for sports injury prevention as well as rehabilitation.


Gratitude Wellness was founded in 2013 when Michael was just 23 year old. The company began its journey by making high-quality watersports products such as stand up paddle boards and has earned a good name within the industry. They are continuing to develop new watersports products. Michael Weppner has been studying and working with the highest pressure military grade inflatables for 2-1/2 years and has big plans to develop many products within this upcoming market.

"We have many patents and are excited for what's to come," says Weppner. "The idea for the Roller came up very recently because of a need to roll out my lower back to keep myself in top shape while training. In today's society, a large percentage of people spend their days cooped up in the office slumped over which causes back pain because our bodies were not designed to sit in the way we commonly do. I started rolling my back on numerous foam rollers and even a buoy and then I began to think of the possibility when relating to our patented PVC material."

He added, "We are still in the development stage and now use it every day for a full body workout, balance training, and a personal masseuse. We have a patent on this technology and have many other products coming to market."

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