SARASOTA, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Doesn’t everything weird happen in Florida…? In this case, White Lotus Film’s new indy movie starring Luke Flynn, (Errol Flynn’s grandson – looks and all!) and actress Rachel Warner “both star” in the movie: “The Name is Rogells (Rug-gells).” Widescreen 2009…This film possibly the next “Big Fat Greek Wedding,” minus the wedding! An early review of the film gives: 4-STARS. “When they talk about ‘cracking the code to Deja vu’ be prepared to go along for the ride!” says Jeanne Corcoran, Film Critic (LVFCS), Award-Winning Writer/Producer

The story: A kinda quirky offbeat tale about a new age artist, 30, who shuffles through life depressed until she runs into her grade school crush; together they steal off from a gas station, run from the cops, then get lost in the remote Florida woodlands. It’s a wild ride when they finally reach his “mystical haunts” off the beaten path. And what could be more fun!

The movie outlines the human struggle with depression and feeling disenfranchised. Sound familiar? In our current world, the U.S. economy, and TV news informs us of little hope instead reminding us of our daily battle with our weight, money, getting married and staying married! Oh yeah, and you really don’t have it all together.

There are terrifying moments lost in the Florida wild, meditating, spoon bending that kind of thing…but then they have each other and they have chemistry – “serious chemistry.” But their purpose becomes a mission to find the mystical bridge of illusion. That is the intention of their journey.

This prompts the thrill of adventure “…literally making a run for it!”

A common thread weaves us through the entire film – and that is “letting go” and finding out who’s actually at the wheel “when you’re sleeping…?” Good question.

A sensitive thought provoking piece, oddly comforting. The story weaves a fine line between dream and reality.

And the dreamy “Will Fishborne” is well dreamy…. And Kat (Rugg-ells) gets a big dose of “reality,” with a capital “R.”

A sort of “Cinderella story” with a new age twist. Sounds like a blast right? At a recent in screening most filmgoers agreed: “It rocked!” …eager to see it again, and again!

Coming to a theater near you!

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