ROCKLEDGE, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — LRM Industries International, Inc., of Rockledge, Florida, announces that it has secured a second building and added two presses due to rapid growth. Operating at 24/7 since May of 2011 and processing 2 million pounds of plastic per month, LRM reached full capacity on its main TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming production line.

LRM IndustriesMolding very large products, among them a challenging 420 pound structural panel with high demand, has driven this growth. LRM's TPF process technology enabled the development and production of this product.

Due to the global uniqueness of LRM's patented TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(R) process, the new presses are designed and custom built by LRM.

"Buying 'off-the-shelf' presses requires extensive re-engineering on our part," said Richard Cochrane, President & CEO of LRM, "This time, we decided to build our own and fully maximize the versatility and capabilities of TPF."

To make room for this new capacity, the STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) production line (LRM's other unique technology) will be moved to a second nearby building, increasing facility space by 70 percent. The STF line has been upgraded to enable the production of products as wide as 14 ft. and moving it to the new building will allow products longer than the current 25 ft. limitation due to space.

With this expansion, LRM has increased its employment by over 50 percent.

About LRM Industries International:

LRM Industries International, Inc. was established to commercialize TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(R) technology, a radically different and award-winning process technology for producing large, feature-rich, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite parts in one fully automated operation. With the patented TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(R) and STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) technologies, LRM enables innovative applications and designs in the use of thermoplastics/composites to produce very large unitary structures where, to-date, it has been viewed as cost prohibitive or lacking in strength and structural integrity.

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