AVENTURA, Fla. /FLORIDA NEWSWIRE/ — Today’s competitive global architecture and design space landscape has made it significantly challenging for architects and design experts to gain recognition. However, Manuel Peña has beaten all odds and secured his position as one of the globally renowned entrepreneurs in the architecture industry with his company, Peña Architecture & Engineering Corp.

Peña’s entrepreneurial skills and mindset led him to establish a highly talented design and building team successfully. His team is dedicated to transforming their clients’ space with utmost attention to detail and precision through state-of-the-art equipment and custom-designed plans. Peña’s focus is to create spaces that express their client’s requirements and personalities.

Manuel Pena
Manuel Peña has led his team through multiple construction and development projects all around the globe in numerous disciplines. This under-40 entrepreneurial genius has worked on complex commercial and industrial projects creating spaces that work well together to boost workers’ creativity while making them functional with avant-garde design elements.

However, Peña has numerous other achievements under his belt, including architectural planning and designing of residential spaces. Some significant contributions have been made to custom single-family and multi-family homes. Everything is planned thoroughly to create a space tailored to mastery for ultimate comfort and protection, from color schemes to space proportions and textures of different furniture to lighting arrangements.

Manuel’s team has also mastered the art of landscaping and providing unparalleled services to clients where every minute detail is planned precisely for perfect execution. The distinguished entrepreneur has climbed the success ladder and built a highly regarded brand for its out-of-the-box ideas and for delivering quality par excellence.

Manuel Peña is a rising talent in the architecture and design space which is moving fast and steadily in becoming the leading brand. An inspiration to many in the field, this young and successful entrepreneur will be the face of the industry soon.

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