ORLANDO, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Auditel Inc. today announced that it has been awarded by General Services Administration (GSA) schedule of Telecommunication Audit & Financial Training Services (SIN 520 14)( Auditel Inc. can now offer GSA rates to military, federal, state, and local Government agencies to reduce telecom expenses and control telecom budgets through Telecom Expense Management Training (TEM).

Stretching and saving taxpayer dollars when times are tough is a difficult job, and now more than ever before telecom cost recovery and telecom savings is essential. Did you know that many government offices of all sizes are paying more money for telephone and telecom services than necessary because of errors in their telecom bills? Some are paying for disconnected lines, non activated services, double billing, incorrect contract rates, and tariff violations in wired and wireless services.

Auditel, Inc. has been auditing telephone bills for various government agencies and large and small businesses for 16 years, saving most of them 25 to 40 percent on their telecom and telephone bills. Auditel holds a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) to include telecom audit recovery SIN 520 9 (, helping many receive large telecom refunds and telecom recoveries for charges that were paid in error.

Telecom training services include: basic terminology, billing codes, tariff, taxes, and surcharges. Intermediate training provides telecom inventory management, contract compliance, traffic study analysis, invoice assessment and cost reduction analysis. Auditel professional workshops teach the telecom managers how to manage and maintain inventory, monthly billing, and more.

This training will support Government Telecommunication programs and projects to include covering the migration and crossover from FTS2001 to Networx. Auditel Inc. will educate these agencies to analyze their telecom bills, find billing errors, how to obtain refunds and recoveries, ensure their bills are accurately invoiced according to current telecom contracts and tariffs. Auditel will also provide in-depth TEM expertise on telecom bill auditing to support the telecom cost management mission in each agency.

Our government can now learn how to navigate all the different telecom monthly fees, surcharges, and taxes to ensure that every tax dollar spent is for an actual service delivered and that each invoice is accurate.

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