COLLEYVILLE, Texas — At Peace Floatation Spa – with their television debut on Home and Lifestyle Television – is quickly gaining attention with their European-styled and famous Floatation therapy. Floatation Therapy consists of floating in 12-inches of body-tempered water, made incredibly dense with 800 pounds of toxin-extracting Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate).

“The goal is to float away stress, aches, pains and toxins; giving the body a rejuvenated and deepened state of relaxation,” says At Peace Spa owner and former Texas Ranger first baseman, Pete O’Brien.

Research has proven that stress and inflammation can wreak havoc on our bodies and is often the preliminary symptom to many illnesses. The zero-gravity environment provides relief to all of the body’s intersystems, such as skeletal, muscular, circulatory, neurological and more. It’s such a deep relaxation because there are no pressure points. “In fact,” continues O’Brien, “it has been reported that a one-hour floatation experience is equivalent to four hours of restorative sleep, and similar to a 3-day fast for detoxification.”

The spa opened in the summer of 2008 as the only place in North Texas to experience floatation therapy. Its spa-like and tranquil environment enhances the mind/body relationship for individual healing, wellness and enhances overall performance. Everyone floats for different reasons: Some for chronic pain or stress management (arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, etc.), others for speeding the recovery process due to surgery or injury, increasing visualization/creativity, meditation, jet lag, insomnia, reducing stress hormones, detoxification (especially when added to a massage), stimulating brain waves and so much more.

The introductory special is hard to pass up. Three one-hour floatation sessions for $120 to first time clients. A package including one hour of floatation followed by a one hour massage is also priced at a great value of $125. These make excellent choices for gift giving because it is such a new and rejuvenating experience, anyone would love it. A variety of membership packages are available that include free massages, friends/family passes and more.

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