MIAMI, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Aclaró AI, the fast-growing startup that specializes in the science of personalized experiences, is helping drivers more easily purchase new vehicles through its new Carzi application. Amidst COVID-19, Carzi is an outstanding tool that help consumers get a granular look at a vehicle that interests them. With that data in hand, customers can obtain the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Encouraging Signs Amidst Economic Uncertainty

COVID-19 has been one of the most disruptive events in recent memory. Yet even among massive medical and financial uncertainty, new car sales have started to bounce back. According to a report from Auto Finance News, we are starting to see increases in new car transaction prices. Since the peak of the crisis in March, we are also starting to see automaker revenue increases for the first time.

The world economy certainly isn’t back to pre-COVID levels, yet these numbers signal hope for automakers in these troubling times. Consumers throughout the world are more likely to invest in a new vehicle. That being said, these consumers are still being extremely cautious. They want to make sure that they are getting a high-quality vehicle at the most competitive prices.

Aclaró’s New Carzi Product: Creating Substantial Value for Consumers

This is where Aclaró AI comes in. Aclaró AI’s new Carzi product was specifically designed to help increase auto sales during these tumultuous times.

Consumers can think of Carzi as their knowledgeable guide to virtually any vehicle on the market today. To put it simply, Carzi provides a wealth of information to the consumer enabling them to check a wide range of facts about a specific vehicle.

For instance, to start, Carzi gives consumers an accurate value of a vehicle. In today’s economic climate, most car buyers are being much more cautious. They want to ensure that they aren’t overpaying for a vehicle even if they love it. Whether or not the customer decides to negotiate, this price a great starting point.

Along with accurate pricing data, Carzi lets consumers access a vehicle’s entire service history. This is a huge benefit for consumers. Instead of jumping from dealer to dealer to retrieve the vehicle’s history, Carzi users can obtain all of that data with one touch. Carzi is an essential tool to help buyers avoid vehicles with a poor service history. The complete service information can inform their decision to purchase and empower their negotiations with the seller.

These are just two ways that Carzi provides substantial value to consumers. Living in these trying times, consumers are seeking confidence and security. They want to make sure that they are getting the most value possible – especially when making such a large purchase.

Carzi is yet another Aclaró AI product for both dealerships and consumers. Regardless of market circumstances, Carzi will continue to help auto consumers make better and more informed decisions.

About Aclaró AI

Aclaró AI is a technology company that creates customer-centric software for auto dealerships and auto lenders. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Aclaró AI’s customers can grow their sales, mitigate their loan risk, obtain a higher return on investment, and grow their bottom lines. Aclaró AI is especially focused on leveling the playing field for smaller auto dealerships, as they often don’t have the same opportunities, resources, or financial backing as larger enterprises.

To learn more about how Aclaró AI can help your auto dealership or auto lending firm, please visit There, you will find a detailed description of Aclaró’s technology and how the company provides value to numerous auto dealerships and auto lending firms.

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