NAPLES, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Healthcare innovator Dynamo today announced the rollout of Dynamo SportSwings. Designed as a replacement for the common, underarm crutch, it reflects the most advanced, top-to-bottom redesign since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Dynamo SportSwings
Dr. Michael Swank, orthopedic surgeon and company co-founder, said, “The healthcare industry continues to make extraordinary advances in patient care-with the exception of commonly prescribed crutches, canes and walkers. All that’s going to change with SportSwings and other Dynamo science-based solutions to follow.”

The company said additional breakthrough devices are in the pipeline; including canes, walking sticks, cuff-based crutches, and walkers. Each reflects the input of several hundred orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and other medical professionals who, like their colleagues around the globe, have for decades had to deal with notoriously uncomfortable, unsteady and unattractive mobility aids.

Several of these advisors are investors in the company, providing its research advisory board with continuous and valuable technical input.

Dr. Matthew Langenderfer is an orthopedic surgeon, Dynamo investor, and advisory board co-chair. “Everything my colleagues and I do,” he said, “is about delivering the best possible outcomes for our patients. Frankly, with most of the mobility device options available to medical professionals, that has for years been a frustrating challenge. It’s exciting to put all that behind us with these game-changing, 21st century products.”

The new SportSwings crutch replacement features a patented SwingLink Safety System. This is an adjustable, behind-the-back tether that dramatically improves safety and confidence, including virtually 100% of forward slip-outs. The product also features a patented foot-like base that offers unprecedented traction on nearly any surface: snow, mud, grass.

An early SportSwings prototype was used by an individual recovering from knee surgery. She used it while hiking up the Great Wall of China. “No way could I have made it without my SportSwings,” she said. “They saved my dream vacation.”

About Dynamo:
Founded in 2016, Dynamo is literally reshaping expectations for how 21st century mobility devices should look, feel and perform.

The company, headquartered in Naples, Florida, is the creator of “swing technology.” This revolutionary new approach to design and engineering not only ergonomically refines each device component, but also integrates them to work as a single, dynamic unit. This efficiently returns the patient to as close to their natural “swing” walking gate as their condition allows.

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