GREENACRES, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — The City of Greenacres recently accepted a vision and strategic action plan created by the award-winning redevelopment firm, RMA ( The city, located in the heart of Palm Beach County, has already begun prioritizing key elements of the plan for implementation to realize the vision and strategic goals. In addition, RMA provided the City with several new logo designs; the final selection will be determined following receipt of comments from a citizen’s focus group.

Greenacres City Hall
“We see tremendous economic growth opportunities in Greenacres,” stated Sharon McCormick, RMA’s Director of Business Attraction & Marketing. “Our team spent months studying the city and meeting with residents and stakeholders. After analyzing a vast array of data, we crafted a baseline of facts and a comprehensive strategy for revitalization and branding summed up in a new vision statement and brand promise.”

Greenacres will be known as a vibrant and welcoming city that celebrates and promotes its location, parks and natural assets and business and residential diversity. Greenacres is dedicated to surpassing its founder’s motto as “a good place to live” and will foster neighborhood community pride and pedestrian connections, promote strategic partnerships to enhance professional and personal opportunities, and support economic growth while maintaining Greenacres’ authentic community character.

Key points in the Plan include:
* Identity and market positioning including place branding, communications strategies and business attraction and expansion
* Economic development including recommended zoning changes to encourage development and redevelopment, reimagining strip shopping centers and opportunities for annexation
* Attraction and development of cultural venues, creating a culinary incubator program and urban gardening opportunities
* Sustainability and mobility, focusing on streetscapes, parks and connectivity
* Community connections focusing on neighborhood pride and housing
* Economic (re)development support outlining strategic partnership opportunities and funding resources.

In addition, RMA developed a market positioning and branding campaign, including various design options for a new city icon that would be adapted to reflect multiple events and seasons. The Council decided that their top choices should be presented to a focus group for their input. A group will be assembled to review the options and select the final brand representation.

“RMA has been an outstanding partner in planning the redevelopment of our City,” said Andrea McCue, City Manager. “The plan they presented provides us with a blueprint to strategically continue our work creating a vibrant city for our residents, enhancing quality of life and place, and showcasing our welcoming environment for new businesses.”

About Greenacres:

Greenacres is the 8th largest municipality of 39 in Palm Beach County. There are over 40,000 residents and over 1,000 businesses. With a land area of approximately six square miles, Greenacres is located in the central part of Palm Beach County and was originally incorporated in 1926. The City is home to 9 public schools, 11 parks with a combined area of over 93 acres and the City’s Community Center is host to a variety of youth, adult and senior classes and activities. Additionally, the City has been recognized as one of the “100 Best Communities for Young People” in the nation by America’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth, the nation’s largest alliance dedicated to children and youth.

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of redevelopment experts passionate about building better communities. RMA is the most experienced full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, headquartered in the state of Florida, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, “Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around.” Learn more:

News Source: RMA