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Laura Dean is a writer with She got her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications which she didn’t use until recently. Instead she excelled as a hospital administrator of veterinary specialty hospitals for 22 years and was a part owner of her own in Richmond, Virginia. She currently lives in North Palm Beach Florida. OPINIONS EXPRESSED ARE THOSE OF THE AUTHOR AND MAY NOT REFLECT THE POLICY OR OPINIONS OF FLORIDA NEWSWIRE OR ITS PUBLISHER.
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OP-ED: DeSantis’s Attack on the Constitution

FLORIDA NEWSWIRE – OPINION: For a group that laments on constitutional purism, I’m always amazed at Republicans' attack on our First Amendment rights. It appears that to them, the Second Amendment right is hard and fast, but the first is based on the whims of its radical government.
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OP-ED: Florida GOP’s War on Women

FLORIDA NEWSWIRE: OPINION — Last week, the house passed a bill to guarantee access to contraception with virtually no help from the Republicans. The measure was in response to Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion on the overturning of Roe v Wade that expressed that the established case law on contraception should be reconsidered. The bill has little chance of passing the senate.
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OP-ED: Tell us what you really think, DeSantis. The governor’s great escape from the abortion debate

FLORIDA NEWSWIRE: OPINION -- When I read that Governor Ron DeSantis was not allowing press in the election-year Republican Summit in Hollywood, Fl, I wasn’t surprised. Irrespective of his repetitive slamming of the “corporate media,” I knew that there was more to the coincidental timing of the overturning of Roe and the inability for the press to access the previously attainable pass.